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 01   Photography & Paintings


 02   About Me

Carmel Yearwood, ARPS


I first started painting after a car accident and an enforced stay at home when I bought my first watercolour set.  


All my working life I have attended evening classes.  I started art classes with George Israel in Barnes, moved onto the Putney School of Art for printing and silkscreen, and then the Kingston School of Art.  


I was fortunate that my work with a multinational in the packaging department co-incided with the advent of digital artwork.  I was able to apply this knowledge  to cartons and label printing.  I set up an in-house digital artwork department for the marketing department and this was a very exciting time as it also involved dealing with the big London agencies and their ‘creatives’.


My transfer to Bedford in the 1990’s rather curtailed my ongoing learning on the art front and in order to improve my photographic skills I joined the Biggleswade and also the Shillington Camera Club and bought my first DSLR.


Since then I have developed my Photoshop skills and still being fairly experimental, am how seeking to combine my artwork with photography.  I have also had great fun playing with the multiple exposure setting on my Canon 7D Mark II.


 03   Contact

Carmel is a photographer and artist living in East Sussex.

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